What to do in DAHAB? Any tips or suggestions


Hi everyone,

Just wondering if there are any tips or info for places to eat… places to havefun ectt… in dahab??

Thanks Heaps

Leigh ;D


Hey Leigh,

When will you be heading to Egypt? I spent 3 weeks there on the Ultimate Egypt tour this past summer and had such a blast! Dahab is such a beautiful place, no matter what you do there you’ll have an awesome time! It’s quite a small beach town, and really lovely to walk around. There’s loads of restaurants and cafes all along the waters-edge with loads of fresh food and seafood! Same-same cafe is quite cool and also same-same but different. A couple of us tried the Japanese restaurant there too, which was quite random but had the best sushi ever!

There are quite a few good bars along the beach as well. Mojito does awesome fishbowl cocktails for a really good price and Tree bar is really cool as well!

Hope you have an awesome time! Let me know how you go! :slight_smile:


Hi Liana,

Thanks so much for the reply. I will be heading there in February 2011. Tour starts 5 Feb.Pyramids and Beaches… Very excited to go. I have done a little research on Dahab and it looks great. I will be sure to let you know how i go :))

Thanks again



Hi Leigh,

I just got back from Pyramids & Beaches tour.
Same Same but Different has great seafood for a fair price.
Chillax has amazing burgers - owned by a Kiwi.
Nemo has great crepes and you can ask for Nutella if you have a craving for it.

You must snorkel but unless you’re doing a technical dive, don’t waste your money.
The Mt. Sinai hike is very rewarding if you’re thinking of it.

Have fun and be careful with your money!


Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

What do you mean by be careful with your money??


thanks for the info, guys :slight_smile: