What to bring for Scandinavia during July/August


Hey guys,
I haven’t seen a post that covers this, but I was wondering what to bring on the Northern Exposure tour that goes through Scandinavia. I’m travelling during mid July to early August. So anyone who has been on trip or to Scandinavia during this time be able to help a gal out?
On the trip notes it says to bring a sleeping bag, I don’t really want to be taking a sleeping bag especially if we only use it for a handful of nights, and also having to buy one as well as carrying afterwards, as I’ll be travelling on for about 2 months afterwards and don’t think I’ll be needing it. Would it be ok, if I bought a sleeping bag liner, possibly a thermal one instead as it would save heaps of room. In regards to clothes, especially since I’ll be travelling around Europe over the summer, I don’t want to be packing too much warmer clothes with me as it would be pretty annoying and take too much space. I’m thinking of taking a hoodie, a nice jumper, 1 or 2 pairs of jeans, 2 or 3 long sleeve shirts, a pair of long pants and a pair of boots, as well as some longer socks. Would this be alright for this time of year?

Thanks Caity :smiley:


Hi Caity!

So I went on this exact trip mid July last year and it was an awesome trip, i’m sure you will have a blast!!

About 70% of people brought sleeping bags, however majority didn’t really use them heaps as most of the places had at least a sheet or basic bedding.
I used mine 2 times in the whole trip and would definitely have rather used the space for other things.
I think a thermal sleeping bag liner would do the trick nicely and definitely would recommend a pillow case to take with you.

If you have any other questions about the trip, happy to share my experiences :slight_smile:



Thanks Peter, I was getting a bit worried noone was going to respond and I was going to figure it out it on my own and just deal with the sleeping bag liner. I didn’t think about bringing a pillow case but I’ll add that to my list. If I have any other questions, I probably will later on, I’ll let you know
Thanks Caity :slight_smile: