What sort of Luggage to bring?


Hi all,

I’m going on the Grand European tour departing 8th May and I was just wondering if anyone has any insight into what sort of luggage to bring?
I’m thinking, seeing as the tour won’t be spending much time in any one place for very long, maybe I should buy a large backpack rather than a suitcase so I just chuck the bag on my back and go.
Also how big of a bag (in Litres) will i need for the tour? (it’s a 28 day tour).

Cheers, Ben.


Hi Ben, I’m pretty sure there is a thread about this on here, I’ll see if I can find it… It would depend on how much you would need in a month, taking into consideration how often you want to wash ur clothes or how much time you would have to wash them. My suggestion is practice for a week or the whole month, pack some clothes in a bag and see how u go, you would figure out then what you would add/ take out


Hi Ben,

I’m goin on the same tour as u … on the same dates ~~
I was wonderin about the same thing and asked top deck.
the reply that I got was…

“You can only have one main suitcase or backpack for our trips. This piece of luggage must not weigh more than 20kg as there are very strict laws in and around Europe as to how much weight a coach can carry. This piece of luggage will be stored under the bus. On the bus with you can have a day pack. The overhead storage space on the bus is not very big and you have to remember that most passengers also carry a day pack with them. You don’t want to be carrying too much during the day with you, there is too much exploring to do.”

So I’m guessing our suitcase or backpacks will all be going under the coach…
luggages less than 20kgs with a size limit of 70cm x 45cm x 25cm…
so they won’t be too hard to handle…
but the day packs… you would have to carry around the whole day…
so I thought that’d be something I would need to think about more ^^

So I decided to take a backpack(normal school bag size) as my day pack and a suitcase(25in).
I’ll be carrying around a backpack with just small things I would need throughout the day…
and a suitcase under the coach or inside the rooms…
hope this helps u ~ ^^