What sort of bag did girls bring?


I’m going on the Winter Spirit Jan 20th and I was wondering what sort of day bags girls brought?
did you bring a neck pouch, packsafe bag or money belt?
and did any girl bring clutches going out?


Hi Claire,

I think it depends on how long your trip is (sorry cant remember how long the Winter Spirit is!). When I did my Greek Island Hopper in May I just had a backpack for during the day to put my waterbottle, snacks, hat, sunnies etc in. I took one small bag for night time, not a clutch though. I think its a better idea to have something you can wrap around your wrist etc rather than something just sitting in your hand to avoid having it stolen.

Happy travels!


I took a small cross body bag that held my passport, wallet and point & shoot camera. My boyfriend and I took turns (occasionally) carrying a Pacsafe backpack with my DSLR, water bottles etc. Honestly, if I went again I would take a slightly larger cross body bag that could fit a small water bottle and not bother with the backpack. Our backpack was Pacsafe brand and it was so heavy and uncomfortable to carry around, so 90% of the time we didn’t even bother taking it off the bus.