What should I use to carry my passports etc?


Should I use one of those front facing waist-bag things for all my important stuff, or do people just use their backpack?
I’m going on a Europe tour if that’s important.



Hi Manderson,
either way, just make sure they are secured. I just popped my passport wallet in my backpack. I padlocked my backpack tho. It wasn’t the simplest way cos I had to keep unlocking it everytime we went thru security check but it’s worth the safety.


I plan on getting a document holder that either straps around ones waist or attached to a lanyard type thing that goes down the shirt.

Just make sure you don’t lose your documents or get them or get them stolen!!! Sure way to the wreck your holiday!!!


Hi all,

Quick tip from Topdeck.

Scan a copy of your passport (and relevant Visas) and email it to yourself.
Great in case of any emergencies.

Topdeck Team


Thanks for the great tip Admin! ;D