What is the Globetrotter Inn like..?


Hey,[br][br]Just wondering what the Globetrotter Inn is like? i am doing the Winter Getaway March 3rd- Travelling solo and never stayed at a hostel before so would love some feedback…? Also is there anyone doing this trip next year…?[br][br]Cheers[br]Ange


Hi Ange,[br][br]We stayed at the Globetrotter for about 4 nights before our tour, I had never stayed in a hostel before and it was fine. Its located west of London but close to 2 tube stations so very easy to get everywhere. We were in a twin room with its own ensuite which was very small and basic but clean and to be honest you tend to only go to your room to sleep as there is just so much to see and do in London![br]They use a cashless system so you are given a card when you check that you can put money onto to buy things at the small shop, drinks or cheap meals in the bar and the internet etc.[br]Usually your tariff also includes breakfast which is very basic, cereal, toast and “juice” and tea and coffee, but I was alright with that too.[br][br]Any other questions just ask!:slight_smile:


My partner and I stayed at the globetrotter in London for 5 days before and after our tour, we stayed in lots of hostels around Scotland before we went to London and on a scale the Globetrotter is right up there with the best!!! We stayed in some shockers! but the globetrotter is great, close to tube, nice food, good rooms (we styed in a double rooom!) and breakfast is decent consideing alot of the hostels we stayed in didnt include breakfast![br]If you go to Scotland stay at the globetrotter in Edinburgh, it was our favourite place we stayed in the whole of Europe! happy globetrotting!


I stayed there in 2006 with a couple of friends. It’s a nice hostel, clean and whatnot. The breakfast they provide is decent and they have kitchen facilities. It’s kind of expensive though. It’s also kind of out of the way if you’re planning on staying in London for awhile. It’s not a problem during the day because it has easy access to the tube, but when I was there the tube shut down rather early, eliminating any options for going out. I think the tube runs later now, but still not that late (11 or 12 maybe?).[br][br]The sort of “main drag” in Hammersmith has a lot of cheapish restaurants if you look for them. [br][br][br]The other thing I found with them, is because it’s such a large hostel, they have a lot of school groups and stuff. I was in high school at the time (only a few years older than the groups) and still found them extremely loud, annoying, and obnoxious. Running up and down hallways screaming, slamming doors, et cetera.


i stayed at the one in London for about a week and also stayed in the one in Edinburgh for 3 nights :)[br][br]I loved them both! i had no problems with the one in London! great location, clean, good service and exactly what i needed! I stayed in share accomm and i was travelling on my own and i had no probs whatsoever!![br][br]the one in edinburgh was also clean, had good service and had a great atmosphere (i thought it was better atmosphere than what it was in London) but the location was a bit too far out… we had to get a shuttle bus to and from the city, which Globetrotter provided, but you had to pay for it and it was probably about 20mins out of the city…[br][br]but i would stay there again!![br][br]Leeana[br]Canberra, Australia[br]Spirit of Europe 16 Sept 08[br]+ London Stopover[br]+ Edinburgh Minibreak


Hey guys,[br][br]thanks for the heads up- has eased my stresses a little- except the bit about the ‘school groups’ but i am sure i will be in some sort of frame of mind that i wont mind THAT much- i am only there for 2 nights before my tour, so i should be fine![br]i heard they had a bar there? is that right?[br]i guess my main concern is rocking up solo and not knowing a single person, but like i have heard you make friends pretty easily staying in a hostel and going on a tour…?[br]how did you guys find the accomodation on the tour?[br][br]cheers[br]Ange


Ange thanks for th starting this topic, I was curious about the Globetrotter too. [br][br]I’m doing 2 top deck tours and i am staying at the Globetrotters the night before each one so that i don’t have to get up extremely early to get there on time :slight_smile: I’m glad the place is clean among other things. I am nervous about staying at varioushostels around the world but i guess it’s all part of the experience of travel.[br][br]LukeandAli- [br][quote]They use a cashless system so you are given a card when you check that you can put money onto to buy things at the small shop, drinks or cheap meals in the bar and the internet etc. [/quote][br][br]How much is the minimum amount you can put on these cards? and do you know what happens to any extra cash left on the card when you check out?[br][br]Nicole[br]Grand European July 2009[br]+ Britain & Ireland September 2009[br]+ Greek Islands [br]


Hi Nicole,[br]You put the card in a machine and then you can put either notes or coins in to top up the card. Don’t think there is a minimum but when you check out if there is more than 2pounds left they will refund it to you…[br][br]Don’t worry I was really nervous about staying there before we did too as I had only ever stayed in really nice hotels, but I found it clean and adequate…[br][br]Ange, there is definetly a bar there! The drinks are reasonable and the food is quite cheap…[br][br]A word of warning though, if you plan to wash any clothes, there aren’t that many machines and you can only use them when the staff aren’t using them to wash and dry all the linen…;D


Ah sweet. Thanks LukeandAli 8-)[br][br]Nicole[br]Grand European July 2009[br]+ Britain & Ireland September 2009[br]+ Greek Islands [br]


Hi All![br][br]We recently stayed at Globetrotter before and after our tour.[br]As said its a really clean hostel. A few things to remember… the internet is not very cheap… head out to an internet cafe as you will save $$! [br]When you book, do it directly with hostel as they tend to be cheaper (eg than through travel agent or topdeck). Make sure you request a room away from the bar… unfortunately we had a room for 1 week right on top of the bar… pumping music until 4am in the morning kinda gets irritating!!! But away from the bar its really quite.[br][br]Make sure you book ahead of time so that you dont end up having to swap between rooms due to last min booking too :)[br][br][br]Chell[br]Spirit of Europe[br]14th October 2008


Hi Chell My partner and I are doing the Spirit of Europe in April![br]Do you have any advice or do you think you have any vital info that would help us?[br]Around how much did you spend per day?[br][br]Thanks Casey


Hello there, I thought I would put my two bobs in, my partner and I spent about $120 Australian a day, but other days we absolutely blew the budget and maxed out the credit card. It was our first trip overseas and we didnt want to feel like we missed out on anything!