What is the best month to visit Dublin


I am planning for a vacation trip to Dublin with my family, I want to know whether July month is best to visit.


Hey Vanessa Kate

June, July and August is summer time in Ireland so it will be a great time to visit.
Accommodation prices will be higher (as are flights!) as it is peak season, and the cities are normally packed with tourists but you will certainly miss out on most of the rain the country is known for. It wouldnt get dark either till like 10ish (sometime the sky was still pink at 11pm!)

Shoulder periods (April May, Sep to early Oct) are also a good time to go, as it is warm and not so busy.
Late Oct, and all NOV i can recall was just rain, rain, rain and Dec, Jan and Feb was VERY cold with snow in several parts of the country.
I personally would choose to go in March (taking in the 17th) purley for St Patricks Day. Yeh it will still be quite cool but its a great holiday to be there for the experience :slight_smile:


Hi Petrina,

Can you recommend any must see sights for someone only there for 4 days?



Hi Jess!

Sure you can only stay for 4 days? lol
Ireland is my all time fave destination and i cannot wait to get back there this year (my 4th time!!)

In Dublin, its worth checking out the Guinness Storehouse (very informative, explaining the history of Guinness and the culture of it in Ireland)
You get a free pint on the top level which has awesome views over the city.
Temple Bar is a definite Must Visit. This is where Dublins restaurants, pubs and night life is located -more tourists than locals though :wink:
Theres also Dublin Castle, St Stephens Green and Trinity College that i found pretty cool to visit.
If you’re into pub crawls, theres some pretty cool ones where they take you to pubs where the locals play traditional folk music with the fiddles, tin whistles, bodhrans etc

Because the country is fairly small you can choose from lots of various daytrips out of Dublin, especially if you’re short on time but keen to see more.
Its about a 3.5 hr drive to the west coast to Galway (vibrant univercity city- my fave!!) where you can see the Cliffs of Moher and the Burren, or even down south to Blarney Castle (your chance to kiss the Blarney stone!!). Or you might like to head north into Northern Ireland and see the Giants Causeway (amazing rock formations) and visit some old castles and cross high rope bridges (think Indiana Jones demple of doom lol)
Some of these day trips can take 12 hours so be prepared for a massive day!

If you’re interested in a short tour- check out Shamrock Irish Tours. They have a range of tours from 3 days and up at cheap prices.
They’re are fantastic and I always recommend them!

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for taking the time to reply, Petrina :slight_smile: All this information is incredibly helpful! I’m thinking I’ll do Blarney Castle and Giant’s Causeway, just trying to find day tours that fit in with my timings!