What is the accommodation/food like?


Can anyone who has been on a EuroClub tour tell me what the accommodation/facilities and meals are like?[br][br]Thanks[br][br]Dani


Hi,[br][br]I have just returned from a euroclub tour and have to say the food was outstanding. One thing for sure is you won’t go hungry!!! The campgrounds in Italy are awesome, with pools, bars and everything else you could ask for. A couple of places that weren’t real great, but as a general rule, the accommodation was fine IMO


Hi Dani,[br][br]I am a tour leader for topdeck and can say we use the best posiible accomodation for the places we stay.[br][br]Camping tours will stay out of cities because you will never find a campgrounds in the middle of town unless your homeless.[br][br]Euro Club tours are a mix of self contained cabins, chalets, hostels and hotels. A great mix.[br][br]Hotels are as central as possible. There is a difference in star ratings in each country you go to.[br][br]The cooks on the road is some of the best food you will ever taste.


hi all, from what fellow topdeckers said on the edinburgh mini break. the food is enormous nd you generally put weight on as they give good proportion sized meals[br][br]Live every day to the fullest as if it is your last