What is it about June 12th



I am booked on the Essential Europe tour leaving on June 12th 2012. It’s still sitting as “available” when many others in surrounding departure dates are sitting as “guaranteed departure”…eek. I have booked my flights to London for the 6th - 30th and unfortunately, many leave on the 5th :frowning:

Funny thing is, I have looked at other tours that go to similar locations but maybe a little shorter or go somewhere a bit different for the dates that I’m able to travel and many of them are in a similar situation. June 12th departures are still “available” while the surrounding ones are “guaranteed departure”. Is there a reason for this ???

Is anyone else in this situation? Are you as stressed about it as I am starting to get? :o

Thanx!! :slight_smile:


I feel your stress!

I’m booked on the 6th of Sept Euro Pioneer, and it’s one of about 7 tours for the season that hasn’t gone to guaranteed departure yet.

If you’re feeling a little nervous about it, call TopDeck! A few of our fellow board posters suggested the same thing for me.

From what I can gather, “Available” means that there are people booked on the tour, but not necessarily enough to make it “Worthwhile” for TopDeck to run the tour if there aren’t sufficient enough people booked in. In any case, if the worst should happen, and TopDeck decide to pull the tour, they give a minimum 8 to 10 weeks notice and give you options ranging from re-booking to refund.

I suggest, if you haven’t already done so, get yourself some decent travel insurance, and make sure you get cancellation cover, that way, it removes all stress out of the equation, and you can just focus purely on the thought of “Holiday!” irrespective of when it happens!

Happy Travels!



Hello l’m booked for the same tour as you on the 12th June, l think its probably likely to full up by then and go ahead but theres no 100% guarantee
that it will.