What I wish I had known/seen/ taken


Ok this is a topic for all of you out there who have been on previous top deck tours. On reflection what would you have taken, not seen, definatly should have seen, known about a certain place etc.[br]Thanks[br]jo


would of taken more confortable shoes for sure! a bigger suitcase cos they said take a small one but people had HUGE ones on the tour, def stay longer in paris… like if paris is the last stop b4 you go back to london, stay in paris for extra days cos there is sooo much to do there and pay the tour guides at the collosseum cos they get u to the front of the line


This is a great discussion…thanks Simoney…come on guys any more tips??


if u r doing a euroclub tour, nobody usually washes their clothes the 1st nite u get 2 the hostels/camping grounds… its the best time to do it…[br]in paris… go on the fat tire bike tours… its hilarious (especially Andy), the guides r americans and give u a lot of information that u may not get from ur trip leader… plus u get sum exercise (its an easy ride)…[br]rome… definitely worth visiting the vatican… but get there really early coz the lines are huge… [br]and make sure u have lots of euro coins… it costs money to go to the bathroom in europe… [br]oh… and the trip t-shirts are REALLY SMALL


wow that’s fantastic info Pondi!![br][br]question regarding washing powder… did u guys take it over there or buy it in london? and did u use pwder or liquid?? whats the best stuff to take?


Take a pegless clothesline! We wish we took 2. You will use this all the time.


In Paris: Go up the Arc de Triumph, The Louvre is a huge must! Go to Sainte Chapelle, Notre Dame (the queue you will see is to go up the tower not to get into the church).[br]In Rome: of course the Collesseum, Vatican City (line up here 1st no matter what your tour guide says) Go up to the top of St Peter’s Basilica- the view is awesome(pay the extra $ to get the lift…well worth the extra. [br]In Barcelona: Picasso Museum is well worth a look-the shop is great for gifts. You must go into Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia! La Ramblas is heaps of fun. You must taste Sangria and eat paella. (watch the way they mix your drinks…you will get pissed easily). [br]In Monaco: if you are wanting to get into the Casino-dress the occasion, suit etc. You will need your passport and 10 Euro to get in. Try and eat before you leave for Monaco, the food is extremely expensive where ever you choose to eat. Nothing is cheap.[br]There are heaps of things to see, do, eat and drink. Too many things to mention just here. You will have a fantastic time. [br]ps: if you see something you like…buy it…you may regret it when you get back home and you may not ever go back for a long long time…if ever at all.


a pegless clothesline? I’m probably showing my ignorance, but what’s that?


Hi Whirlsie, it’s basically an elastic clothesline that you can hook on to anything to hold up your clothes. The design allows you to hook the ends of your clothes through the elastic braids! They cost around $7 and you will find them at travel stores or online. Get two so you can wash and dry more! Don’t leave home without one.


cool :slight_smile: I’dd definately look into it :)[br][br]I found these cool laundry powder sachets that i thought would be great to take on a trip… what do u guys think? http://www.gogogear.com.au/shopexd.asp?id=1360[br][br]Oh and i also found this… which has the pegless clothesline… not too sure about that soap tho:-/


I recommend getting your own guide book and doing alot of research about the places you will going ahead of time. That way, everything has a lot more meaning. The guidebooks can point out neat little trips to do on your own and ways of getting around big lines and such. Your guide will help out on that too. Washing wasn’t a big deal for me, i just brought one little travel guy and it worked. I think I washed twice over a month. [br][br]One other tip is, I took mainly pictures of places and scenery, and now wish I would have taken more of the expiriences and of the group everynight. But i just never felt like carrying my camera. Anyways, have fun[br][br]I’m booked for the Grand European leaving May 22. Let me know if you are going too!


In Barcelona I recommend getting taxis around. They are cheap as chips! Plus it gives you extra time up your sleeve. We beat our tour group to the Flamenco show and avoided catching 2 trains where someone lost/got their purse stolen. We had extra time for a sangria before the show. [br]Also, this might sound strange, but take pics of your dining experience ie: of your food. OH, I nearly forgot. In Florence you must try a Florentine Steak (it’s divine, expensive but well worth it). In Germany make sure to have a Pork Knuckle and also try their Bratwurst sausages…my bet is you will find it hard to stop at just one.


what is the dress code required for the casino in monaco? particulary for men?


Hi Katie, DON’T FORGET YOUR PASSPORT (for security reasons I guess) if you want to enter Monaco Casino and you will need 10 EUROS to enter. For males: wear suits and dress shoes. Ladies: evening wear/dress etc.


Before you leave home buy a Telstra Phone-Away voucher. It is so handy to contact relatives/friends whilst in your hotel room, or basically at any public phone box too. You never have to worry about having money on you. Just remember to get all the access dial numbers you need to dial first whilst in various countries in order to use your phone-away card. We used ours all the time and never had to worry about hotel phone charges.


Try and do as much as the Optional extras if your budget allows you to. It’s a great group night out and you also get to taste more of the culture. Go to the Caberet Show, go to the Flamenco Show, go on a Gondola ride in Venice and the canal cruise in Amsterdam, it’s heaps of fun…(Discover Europe trip). You may regret it if you don’t.