What do you wish you had known?


Is there anything you past travelers wish you had brought or done on your trips? Or even things you were SO GLAD you brought along or did.


Would recommend

  • The louve ( artwork there is amazing!)
  • Gondella ride in Venice
    *drinks at skeleton bar in Slovenia
  • House of Terror in Budapest is really interesting
  • View from eiffel tower at night is pretty good apparently (ppl on my trip did it)
    *Segrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona is a must if u go there!
  • Walking tour in Berlin is very interesting!
  • Bike tour in Amsterdam was great way to c the city
  • Loved that we got to design our own topdeck t-shirt/hoodie to keep from the trip with our names on the back

I wish I had gone and done the Anne frank house in Amsterdam
Im glad I took soap to do laundry and just did it rather then wasting money and time finding a laundrymat.
I made sure I had my ipod full of stuff to do for the bus rides, especially the long ones, audiobooks are great too! Maybe take a small portable dvd player, dont know if i would want hassle of carrying dvds round with me on the trip though…always a option!


Wish i took 2 pairs of thongs (flip flops or jandells) that’s all i tended to wear and when one of keep breaking they are hard to replace


We pre-booked tickets along the way for various places - like the Academia in Florence and Anne Frank’s House and the Van Gough Musum in Amsterdam. Our trip leader was really helpful and told us what times on which days would be best to book, and then we just booked online through the museums themselves to skip the queues! It was a life saver, especially in summer time as it was pretty busy. Not everywhere will elt you pre-book, but a lot of places will which was handy, and we just did it along the way on our trip so we didn’t have to majorly pre-plan prior to the trip!


1 - I wish I haddent taken a book on tour…never got time to read it, just more weight to bring home!

2 - Ipod wall charger!!! They are so quick to charge your ipod, and I lost count of the times I fell asleep with my ipod playing!

3 - Don’t take your suitcase anymore than half full - my first 2 trips I did and this was a big mistake, my trip to North America last year, my suitcase weighed 5kgs, I was allowed 23kg so I took 12 with me…my flight home my suitcase was 25kgs - I could have actualy done with more space!!! Just pick out your favourite clothes, you don’t need an entire wardrobe!! just commit to rewearing and reworking and lots of washing!! Don’t forget you can buy some clothes along the way if you feel like you didn’t bring enough, and these can be souveneirs as well!!

4 - I really really wish I had done my research! We flew into Rome with the 4 lines of instructions in our tour docs and it took us 3 hours to get from the airport to our hotel. If I had just spend a half hour on the net I would have found a much better way to do it!!



Excellent information. Thank you all.


Great info guys :slight_smile:

What about suitcase vs backpack? I can’t make up my mind!! Do u spend more time carrying ur bag (up stairs/ cobblestone sts etc) or is wheels better n easier? Is a suitcase more secure/safe?

Also does anyone think I really need a sleeping bag for the sailing in Greece? I’ll b there early may but to Carry 1 all round Europe for just 3 nights seems ridiculous! But then I wonder is some of the linen crap in other places n it might b nice to have my own stuff?

Any help/advice would b greatly appreciated :slight_smile:



BackPack for me every day of the weak, as there are times when you stay at a place that may not have a lift or only has a small lift and when there is 50 people or more checking in it’s easier to just take the stairs. Also easier for the driver to put backpacks on the bus.


I wish i didnt bring my sleeping bag!!! went on winter getaway last march and not a single night it was needed. A complete waste of money and space…

I wish i had my wheelie suitcase. My 12kgs backpack really killed my back though it was a lot easier to carry than wheeling the suitcase on the cobble stone roads.



Hey Guys

I know in Canada we have a few company’s that have rolling bags with backpacks straps attached which is what I am taking so I can roll it and if there is only stairs I can carry mine …Osprey, Eagle Creek and Tule are a few companies. :slight_smile:


I got the Rick Steve’s Autobahn 21" (about 54 cm) rolling backpack. It was a bit pricey, but I believe it’s a really good investment. I put it through some rigorous test and it pulled through. It’s carry-on guaranteed and has a bunch of different zippered compartments.


If you have to choose between backpack and suitcase I would probably choose suitcase, because there will be more times that you will have to walk long distances with your heavy suitcase than carrying it up stairs etc - you will break your back!

But there is no need to choose - you can get backpacks with handles and wheels - this is what I am taking, the brand I got was called High Sierra - around $200.

As for the sleeping bag, I am unsure of whether to bring one too, so many people say they don’t get used, and my travel agent says that when she went, she ended up having to carry hers on her 24hr long haul flight to the UK because she couldn’t check it in. So as a compromise I am going to take one of the ultra light, ultra thin, ultra small Roman Palm sleeping bags, only cost $80. This way it is small enough to put into my suitcase when I am on flights and trains etc - its a pain to get back into its bag so i figure i will just use it if absolutely necessary.