What do i take for Euroclub holiday?


Well i basically know to take standard toiletries, day-to-day clothes etc. We are staying in hostels on the European Getaway. Certain things i wouldn’t mind knowing:

  1. Do we need sleeping bags? It says we stay at campsites but NOT tents.

  2. It looks like we will be going out for meals and going out in Monaco, Are you supposed to take a suit or dinner jacket? And what about an iron to un-crease everything? I wear shirts quite alot.

  3. How often is there a chance to do laundry? I can wear a t shirt or shirt maximum 2 days thats if im not running around like a maniac? Im not fussed on paying money.

  1. From what I can see in all the paperwork and previous forum posts, sleeping bags are only required for camping tours or sailing.
  2. I did monaco with Contiki a couple years back, I had black jeans on, casual leather shoes (not runners), and a shirt with a collar… most of the guys had the same and we had no issues getting into the casino… you can usually get access to an Iron (from desk of most accommodation spots).
  3. The biggest problem is, when you arrive somewhere where laundry services are available you have a full bus load (sometimes other tours will be at the same location also!) and everyone wants to do laundry! I packed to go around 10 days between laundry stops, and then when I did it I usually stayed up late and did it at night (once was 2am). On contiki some places offered a linen service were they did it for you (paid by the KG) which was good - not sure if any top deck accom offers this but worth asking when you start your tour!


Thanks for the advice trent helps alot.