What are you most looking forward to


doing or seeing?

For me I cant wait to go to Anne Frank House in Amsterdam and stand under the Eiffel Tower in Paris and look up!


I’m really excited about Rome! I really want to see the Sistine chapel. Bring on July already!


ooh your lucky your trip is coming sooner then mine! I am going away in September!


if u go to barcelona, u have to see the sagrada familia cathedral, just amazing! The eiffel tower is pretty awesome too though, view is amazing! :slight_smile:


Brooke, is that the cathedral that’s unfinished in Barcelona? Any other tips on what to see/do in Barcelona?


yep thats the one, its just amazing, inside and out! Make sure u get a audio tour for that one, its only a few euros but it expains the religious sculptures on the outside of the cathedral and history of it being built, just beautiful!
we spent most of barcelona at the beach, were suppost to go to flemenco show but we were there for the world cup final so we partied hard that night. :slight_smile: