What are the some best places for Group Travel?


Hello Everyone,

My name is Paul. I’m new here. Can somebody suggested few best places for group travel?



Miami Beach, Florida
Playa del Carmen, Mexico
Park City, Utah
Las Vegas, Nevada
Puerto Rico, Caribbean


Welcome to Paul…

I am going to Togian island. You can join this trip…


Prague is the best places for group travel.


You can consider the following destinations:

  • Miami Beach, FL
  • Seattle, WA
  • Oahu, HI
  • Orlando, FL
  • Lake Tahoe, CA & NV
  • NEW York City, NY
  • Puerto Rico, Caribbean
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Margaret, I do agree with you all places are quite amazing to have fun in group. I am gonna tell you that recently have a stunning time at New York city by tour from chicago and have a very good time by this. I really think he should go there and back with great memeories.


Las Vegas
New York city