What are the ship accommodations like? (Croatia)


Hey Guys,

 I'm thinking of taking the Croatian sailing trip in August, but I wondered what the ship life would be like. I have seen a picture of the ships, and from a first glance they seem a bit bare. I'm not looking for total luxury, but I don't want to be uncomfortable either. Can anyone tell me about the boat and their experience? How many people are on a usual tour? Thank you,



Also, is there air conditioning in the rooms? I’m normally good with a sea breeze, but August could get hot even on the water.


Hey James

I did this trip a couple of years ago and it was amazing. The boats are vintage boats with a Croatian captain and staff. Most companies use the same supplier in Croatia so the boats are all very similar. The boats Topdeck use do differ in size, anything ranging from 18 to 30 people per boat. The know the one boat is smaller but it has en-suite bathrooms. I was in a bigger boat in a below deck cabin and it was absolutely fine!

You are barely in your room so it doesn’t make a difference. You wake up and you are sailing the Adriatic. The decks are spacious and scattered with loungers and chairs and you relax and tan all day. The boats stop in coves and spots throughout the day and you jump overboard and swim and relax on lilos. Then each night you stop in a different spot and go for dinner and drinks and meet people from the loads of other boats that travel the same route.

I would definitely recommend it!


There was A/C in the corridor below deck. If you worry about it being a bit stuffy i would recommend you just get an above deck cabin. Cheers!


Thank you Jen. I had much the same thoughts as you mentioned, and I probably will take advantage of the trip. I just remembered some nights spent on a friends boat in Fire Island, New York, and not being able to sleep at night due to the heat. I didn’t want to have the same issue on a vacation. As far as the trip goes, it looks like an awesome time. I just need to find a flight from NY t Split that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. :slight_smile:


In August I think not cool. I had to endure a long hot summer this year. I want to a cool place.