What are the hotels like?


Hi, looking at doing european odyssey next year. Wanting to know what hotels you stayed in while on your trip. Positives/negatives. I am finding it difficult to just get a look at what hotel we might be staying in on trip


Hi there,

Thanks for your inquiry.
All of our hotels are 3* or higher and are a really good standard. Some can be closer to the city than others, but in places like Rome and Paris you can be slightly further out as it is incredibly expensive to stay in the centre of these towns.
As we don’t have all accommodation confirmed for 2016, we aren’t able to give out accommodation lists, but we do have an incredibly high standard for our accommodation.



We just got back from the Soho to Boho portion of the Odyssey trip. Hotels are fine. The only one I didn’t like was our hotel in Florence because we had room next to a smoking room. The location was excellent though.

There are some great hotels on this trip - especially in Engleberg (Switzerland) and the guesthouse in Austria.

Overall, the hotels were of a fine quality but don’t expect 5 stars.


I dont stay at hotels usually. As for me, its more interesting to travel with ‘free couch’ or stay with your friends (online friends from other countries, especially). But, I have found a great list with really awesome hotels recently. Oh, I just want to visit them. Look here :wink: