Western Winter 7th Jan 2020

yeah exactly ! Gives me a day to do disneyland solo as I will probably do Universal with the tour…

Hahaha yeah Aus snow doesn’t seem anything like Canadian, when I went to Perisher it was more icy than powder.

Yeah I fly back to LA after the tour on Jan 29 and then back to Aus the evening of the 2nd of Feb :slight_smile:

how long are you guys in Toronto?

Yeah I think we’re thinking the same, we’ll do disney before the tour starts and then do universal with the tour.
I haven’t seen Aus snow! I bet its nothing compared to Canada haha. In Europe it was basically a bit icy and then even in Nepal it only snowed for like 30 minutes one time, so im really excited to make a proper snowball lol.

ah okay so you’ll be getting dropped at the airport after leaving banff on the 29th to fly out? We’ll probably get dropped there too and then make our own way to our accom in Calgary as we’re staying there the night before flying out the next day.

We’re in Toronto for 3 nights, then Chicago for 3 nights too and then we’ve got 8 nights in NY before we come home so should be good!

oh sick :slight_smile: since universal is like day two itll be a cool way to bond with everyone too.

WOW Nepal would’v e been eye opening to say the least!

Yeah I am, so ill be with whoevers flying back to LA that day too, that’s cool youll get a taste of Calgary!
Flying all over the place haha…The flight from NYC is pretty long back isn’t it?

Have you guys got your Visas?

Yeah it’ll be a great way to bond for sure!
I’m sure there will be a few others flying out the same day to keep you company at the airport haha.
Yeah we’re flying NYC -> Hong Kong -> Perth. The flight from NY to HK is 16 hours and then its another 8 hours from HK home aaahh.

Are you flying LA -> Sydney direct or have you got a stopover on the way?

And yep sorted US and Canada visas. Feels weird with the visas being all online/linked to your passport instead of in physical form! idk might be just me haha. Have you got yours?

yeah for sure, the Guy i booked through said I got one of the last spots on that flight too.
THATS SO LONG :open_mouth: wow! you will be so keen for a shower and bed after that haha.
Yeah 14 Hrs LA>SYD and vice versa!
I just got noise cancelling headphones for this trip too haha.

I don’t remember what I did when I went to hawaii but yeah having it linked was a bit weird…I’ve got mine too :slight_smile:

Oh how lucky! I think our tour is pretty much full too the last time I checked.
Yup gonna be such a long flight and hopefully the best shower and sleep of my life haha.
Noise cancelling headphones sound amazingg! Might have to invest in a pair before we leave (depending how much money ive saved lol gonna be so broke when i get home).

Are you planning to do many of the optional activities? (besides universal)

Me either. I was going to rent a car there and it was also necessary to find a parking place next to the airport at HK. Do you have any ideas? I’ve heard about gotoairportparking