Western spirit.


Looking at booking western spirit 15th October. Just wondering about any other solo travellers looking to book or already booked this trip! Bit nerve wracking first time travelling on my own! :slight_smile:


Hi! I want to book this tour too but I can only go on the Oct 1st trip! I’m also going to be travelling solo - you should consider booking early and we could go together!


Hi I am travelling for the first time on my own too! I am doing the Western Spirit from the 8th of October


My flight doesn’t arrive until the 3rd October into London and have booked some time in Paris with a friend from the 7-10.i chickened out of the tour due to lack of funds. I don’t leave London until the 26th! Plenty of spare time in between if anyone’s around and wants to have a buddy to explore the sights of London with!


hey, I have booked my self for another tour namely “Parades to Piazza” starting from Paris on 13th Oct. I am arriving at Paris on 11th eve. I have two days with me. Would u be around for me to join u???