Western spirit July 19-27 2016


Hi, I’ll be travelling solo from Australia and doing the western spirit from July 19-27th. Just wondering if any one else is doing it? Looking forward to it. A little nervous as this is my first Europe trip and top deck tour :confused:


Hi there,

My sister and I will be doing the same trip at the same time! We are Aussies too doing our first topdeck tour. We’re from Perth! How about you?


YAY it’s nice to hear that there is someone else from Australia. I’m from Sydney and 23yrs old. Looking forward to the trip :slight_smile:


Hi Esther have you booked the same hostel/camping village the night before and after the tour?

Contemplating on staying there or staying somewhere else?



Hi Emma,
That’s awesome! I’m 22 and my sister is 19. We have not booked accommodation in london yet, but were thinking of just staying nearby to the wombats hostel. We will be flying out of rome on the day the trip concludes. Looking forward to meeting you and the trip too :grinning:


Hello! I’m on this as this trip as well (but will be staying on till Venice). I’m 22, travelling solo from NZ and will be staying at Wombats the night before. This is also my first Europe trip and topdeck! :smile: @emma5 @Esther_Charkey