Western Spirit 2011


Hey guys,

Just wondering if there’s anyone on here heading on the trip on April 5th-13th?

One quick question, does anyone know what is the best airport to book returning flights?

Thanks for any help and sorry if there’s already a topic about this.

Cheers ;D


I’m booked for this tour also, still working out how I’m getting back from Rome to London myself! It’s on the to do list… :slight_smile:


Ah cool, I haven’t got round to booking any flights or insurance yet :slight_smile:

Need to get on that soon before they go up too much :confused:


Hey Gavanyon,
Getting close now! I’m still to book that flight back to London…oh well, I can think of worse places to be stuck than Rome for an extra day! Are you staying at the Clink the night before the tour starts?



I’m not on this tour. I’m doing the Spirit of Europe that departs the same day! Getting so close now!