Western Spirit 2011 (HTCER)



I officially just booked the Western Spirit from May 10, 2011 and I’m a bit nervous. I’m a girl (23) traveling solo and I’m wondering who else is going? Is anyone flying in to London earlier? Staying at the Clink? I have so many questions and this will be my FIRST time in Europe! So… any input from you fellow travelers would awesome.

ALSO if youÂ’re going feel free to PM me and add me on Facebook.



hey im doing the spirit of europe on the 10 of may so i think you’ll be on that for the first part? Im staying at the clink on the 9th. are you?


Hey I actually think we are. That’s interesting. I actually didnÂ’t know that that tours matched up like that. LOL. Yes I’m hovering over two different hostel plans but IÂ’ll probably book the Clink because that’s where we’re leaving from at 6am! I was hoping to stay at the Oasis because a couple of my friends stayed there and loved it. Plus they organize free tours of the city. I am considering arriving 2 days earlier to give me extra time to explore London. You?

I’m PM-ing you my Facebook info right now so you can add me if you want.

P.S. I am soooo jealous of you for going on the Spirit tour! LOL. If only I had the whole month off. Freaking work always getting into way! :slight_smile:


im going to be in england for a week before staying with family then ill be in london just the night before ive been to london before so seen most the sights anyway.
yeah stupid work haha im lucky i dont work fulltime so i can have as much off as i want


Thanks for the add Nicole.

Okay so I’m booked at the clink for the 9th. Where is everyone staying in Rome?


Hey guys! Yesterday I booked my boyfriend and I onto the Western Spirit May 10th trip! :smiley: We will be arriving in London on the night of May 5th and might shoot off to Barcelona or Porto for the weekend before our tour! Verrrrry excited! We will be going onto Greece after the tour finishes in Rome and coming back up through the east and finishing in London on June 5th!! :slight_smile:

We’re looking forward to meeting new people so would love to hear from you! What’s everyones plans for after the tour?? :slight_smile:


Hey Becksta

I’m actually cutting the trip really close. Getting in to London the morning before and leaving Rome after. Sigh. Next time I will stay longer. But I am definitely looking forward to meeting you guys. Again, feel free to PM me and chat me up on facebook. I have personally never been abroad so this will be a huge learning experience for me. I’m still stuck on figuring out what a “day bag” is :). Lol luckily I get a chance to break out all that French I learned in college.



Oh! And I thought our trip was short! :-/ I’m sure you’ll catch this bug that people speak of and will be back in no time! Thats awesome that you speak some French! Will come in very handy! I think for a day bag - I might just take a small backpack - even weight on both shoulders and you can swing it around to the front if you’re paranoid about bag snatchers! Lol. Add me on FB - becksta2481@hotmail.com :slight_smile:


Hey thanks. I added you on FB by the way :slight_smile: