Western Spirit 13 July - 21 July


Hi Guys,

I was just wondering how many people were going on this tour? Where are you from? My sister and I are going on this tour! We booked it last year! Needless to say we’re a little bit excited about it!!

How much money is everyone allowing? I’m just asking as I’m a little worried about it!!

Guess I just wanted to start a chat/topic on the tour so that we can work out what variety of people we will be graced with :slight_smile:

All righty… see everyone soon!! Only about a month away now!!

Cheers ;D



Hi Max

I’m Donna. I’m on this tour I’m pretty sure. Well sort of. I am doing the Spirit of Europe Tour that departs on the 13th. I’m pretty sure the Western Spirt tour is combined. The Spirit of Europe just keeps going when you guys depart in Rome. I join the tour when it arrives in Paris.

I have budgeted for around 110 - 130 Euro each day depending of currency rates.



Hi Donna,

Oh ok cool!! I thought that was the case!! Awesome! I should be fine with what I have then :slight_smile: I just can’t wait to go and meet some new people!! Where abouts are you from? Just trying to get a feel for who’s from where etc.

Cheers :slight_smile:




I’m from Melbourne. And you?
Can’t wait to escape winter. It’s so cold at the moment. Not long now!!


Hey my names Sarah I’m on the same tour as Donna, Spirit of Europe 13July-5 Aug. I’m 23 from Adelaide and traveling with three friend, two guys (Simon 20 and Jiffy 22) and a girl (Jess 22) all old friends from High School. We are all so excited :smiley: We are staying at the Clink a few days before the tour. I’m budgeting about 80 euros a day not including optional extras.
Ill be leaving in just over 20 days so its really getting really close :smiley: Are you guys doing anything pre or post tour?


Hi Sarah

I’m going to Pamplona for the Running of the Bulls festival with a group of friends (but not with Top Deck). I head back home after the tour finishes. Work awaits :frowning:


Oh that should be fun :slight_smile: try not to get trampled by bulls before you seen the sites of Europe;) Yes my friends would have liked to have attended but im not sure if they are…They have chosen to check out spain before our tour but i dont know if it includes Pamplona. What company are you doing the tour with? my friends are using STA, havent heard much about there tours though. We are also heading back the day after the tour ends :frowning: Uni and work awaits…


I’m doing ROB through a company called PP Travel. Some friends recommended it from last year when they went. I did look at Top Deck as an option but it was more expensive than PP Travel for basically the same package. I’m not sure I’ll run haha… def don’t want to be squashed before hand. I have not heard of STA? I’m sure most tours are pretty similar though. Not long now!


Hi Donna,

Sorry about the delayed response! My sister and I are from the Blue Mountains, NSW :slight_smile: I’m 26 and she’s 24. Should be good! We actually leave Australia on the 3rd of July and will be seeing friends from school (we used to live in the UK) and family before the tour as well as after!! Will also be going to Spain as our family have a cave house there! So much fun!!

Not long now until we go :slight_smile: Getting all my tavel docs this weekend!! Exciting stuff!!




Ummm… did anyone realise that we’ll be in Paris on Bastille (ignore my incorrect spelling!) day!! Wonder what that holds in store for us…