Western Spirit 12th June 2018


Hi!! I just booked the Western Spirit tour for the 12th June!! Yay!! I’m a solo traveller from Sydney and this is my first Topdeck trip!! Wondering if anyone else has booked this tour, really excited and interested in connecting before the trip!!


Hello Maddy, I have paid a deposit for the trip and have to confirm tomorrow if I am doing this trip, so I am still deciding. It looks like heaps of fun. I am flying into London on 6th from Queensland, Australia and am also a solo traveller.


Hey, this is super exciting. I know I’m biased but I think you should definitely do the trip!! Let me know if you confirm it. :slight_smile:


Hey Maddy am officially booked onto this trip. :grinning:


Hey im booked in for the trip on the 12th solo traveler f too from sydney supper pumped first overseas trip should be great looking forward to it


does anyone have the itinerary yet , i haven’t got it yet. Just wondering if you do if you could please forward it on


Im flying over on the 4th from Sydney!! I’m staying by myself in London until the 12th when my friend meets me!


Im also flying from Sydney but I’m leaving on the 4th and spending a few nights in London. My friends meeting me for the trip.


Hey there, awesome. Not long to go, time is cruising fast. I do not have one (an itinerary) either as yet. If you get a hold of one, it would be good to have a copy also… :slightly_smiling_face: I am also staying in London prior to trip, with an overnight trip up to Scotland. Was thinking about Disney Land in Paris and starting the tour from Paris… but not sure if I will and may just leave from London. Cheers


Hello, that’s awesome. Can’t wait for the trip.