Western Paradiso 1st July - 10th July


Hey, just wondering if anyone is doing the western Paradiso France to Spain trip that starts 1st July?


Hi Jada, Yes my friend and i are doing this one.


That’s awesome! Where are you starting from? I’m starting in Paris :smile:


Me too :slight_smile: Where do you live?


I live in Australia :slight_smile: you?


I live in South Africa :slight_smile: What day do you arrive in Paris?


The 29th June :slight_smile: you?


We arrive on the 28th June, we spending 2 nights at Euro Disney before our trip.


I’m spending the 30th at Versailles. :smile:


Hi there, I’m Ashton’s friend. Looking forward to the trip and I’m also looking forward to meeting everyone. Awe!