Western Crossing - Sept 2011


Hey Sarah I’m going on the sept. 11th western crossing as well. Are going with a group of friends or r u solo?


I’m solo and am staying at the clink hostel on the 10th too. Any idea what the euro camp sites are like? I thought camping sounded strange but the trip time frame worked great for me.


I’ve heard they are pretty decent, and they all have laundry facilities and stuff. That’s what I’ve heard, I haven’t done Topdeck before.

I’m not big on camping, but it does save money. Have you been to europe before?


Nope i’ve never been to europe. I’m studying abroad in London this autumn and have some free time before moving into my apartment in london so i decided on taking this tour. What about u and ur friend?


We have both been to england but no where else in Europe.

Studying in London will be fun. That’s a big change from Ohio.


Haha i no right. I’m so excited to get outta here. I’m going to stay in rome for a few days before flying back to london. What about u two? Flying home or going to keep traveling?


I’ll be flying back to London to see my grandparents for a few days, and Aly is going to Denmark to see her friend.

I’m so stoked for the trip, we will have to have a drink in the hostel to start things off right haha


Haha sounds like a plan. Hopefully we get some more people who are taking this trip on the forum.


ya, i guess so far its just the three of us on the trip.

haha :slight_smile:

what optional stuff are u gonna do?


Hmm… Good question. I dont no, i’m sure i’ll want to get away from the group sometimes and

explore without the guides a lot. But some of the optional things do sound cool,

I’ll probably just decide on the fly if its worth it or not. What bout u?


Well my gf is considering the skydiving over the swiss apls…im a big no on that one!!!

But same as you, just gonna pay it by ear. Depends if I am in need of some space or not!


Haha really! I’m supposed to go sky diving this summer but if i dont i might do that in the alps too.


We are getting close!!!


I know! I can’t believe know one else has posted on hear yet.


I know…apparently its just us going…?


When are you guys getting to the the hostel on Saturday? My flight lands in London at 7am so I’ll probably beat you there.


Hey hey I just booked this tour yesterday :slight_smile: rather last minute but I am super excited. lol one more person to the trip :smiley:
I am also planning on staying in Rome for a few days after and maby even head to Naples and Pompeii. I was just wandering if anyone could suggest some place to book accommodation in Rome.
cheers :smiley:


Hi Kiwi, I’m just going to play it by year when we get to Rome. My friend told me there are a ton of hostels around Rome so I don’t think I will have trouble finding a place but let me know if you get any recommendations from anyone.

Are you going to be staying at the Clink Hostel in London Saturday before the tour starts?


Hey both,

Almost there!!!

Chris our flight lands at 7am too. Actually 745. We will go straight to the hostel, put stuff in storage and then go exploring.

I’m so stoked!


Ah kol kol, I’m just deciding whether or not to book a night in Rome through top deck, I’m just looking into going to Naples and Pompeii too, over a couple of days, as would love to there lol.

Yea I’ve been staying Clink for the last week lol so I will be there tonight and tomorrow, just getting organised, getting last minute things.

There’s a festival on in London just to let u know, I think it’s the Mayor’s Thames festival, may be worth checking out tomorrow, incase anyone wanted some ideas.