Western Crossing/European Adventure Sept 9


hey all, i’m really looking forward to my tour in a month, and was hoping i might meet anyone that’s gonna be on the same trip :slight_smile:


Hey I’m on this tour. Can’t wait to get amongst it all. Solo traveller so keen to meet anyone else going!


awesome, i’m solo too :slight_smile: are you doing the western crossing or european adventure? are you doing any other traveling while you’re in europe?


I’m doing the full European adventure. I’ve been in London the last 2 weeks going to Olympic stuff. Head to Croatia tomorrow for a bit. Going to Ireland the week before the tour leaves. How about you?


oh cool, i’ll be in ireland the 2 days before the tour starts, i’m doing the western crossing, spending a couple of days in rome at the end then head to greece and the greek island afterward. i’m in germany for a week and a half at the start of my trip for a cousins wedding.


That sounds amazing. Can’t wait for this trip it will be so cool. I’ve only heard good things about topdeck tours from my mates so I’m sure this one will be no exception.


have you never done a top deck tour before? they are amazing :slight_smile: i did one 4 years ago through scandinavia, russia and baltics, i loved every minute of it and can’t to travel with them again :slight_smile: did you get to many event of the olympics? are doing your whole trip on your own?


Yeah this is my first planned bus tour. I’ve usually just done my own thing with travelling but thought it would be fun to do. I got to see some rowing, a session at the athletics and watched the kiwi girls lose their semi final in the hockey. I’m in Croatia with a few guys I just met while partying at the Olympics and told me to come along so I just did it haha. After that I’ll probs be solo travelling again until the tour starts


that’s soo awesome, i’m really jealous, can’t wait to maybe hear some of your stories. do you know what you’re doin in ireland yet, i arrive there in the night of the 6th sept, maybe we could meet up then? i’m thinking about doing an irish music pub crawl, sounds pretty good :slight_smile:


Irish pub crawl sounds fantastic! I’m still confirming my travel plans at this stage but if I’m around I’ll be very keen to meet up for that. Maybe add me on Facebook it will be easier to get hold of me there. Jesse Reynolds from Wellington nz see if you can find it haha


ok, no worries, if i can’t find you, i’ll let you know :slight_smile:


spent the last 10 mins searching the hundreds of jesse reynolds and couldn’t find you lol, maybe try adding me, stacy1503@hotmail.com


Haha all I have is my phone and I can’t find it. I’m probably gonna be in Ireland the week before you anyway. I’m sure there will be plenty opportunity for pub crawls on tour!


ahh ok, what’s your addy? i can try searching for you that way. i got my tickets yesterday, i’m so excited, saw that there is skydiving in switzerland, i really wanna do it :slight_smile: will have to wait to find out how much it is though. how’s croatia?


captain.j.reynolds@gmail.com. Croatia was so good but back in England now.


ok, found you :slight_smile: only one more week til i fly out, i can’t wait