Western Crossing August 12?


Is anyone heading on this trip? Would love to hear from you!


i leave 26th aug :slight_smile: x


yay! too bad we’re not on the same trip. Would be nice to make contact with someone on the same trip aye! i am super excited for the trip!! how long are you in europe for? where are you from? Im from melbourne and will traveling around europe at the end of next year for 6 months! CAN NOT WAIT!!!



i know i am super excited but can’t find anyone on the same trip as yet :frowning:
i go for 2 weeks then fly to melbourne from rome!! i’m from leicester in the uk. maybe when you get back home we could meet after crossing paths!! x


oh wow!! you will have the most awesome time ever. id def be happy to catch up.
How long will you be in melbourne?
we were soo close to booking the aug 26th, shame we didnt :’(
we are heading on a contiki 2 weeks after the western crossing finishes so we wanted to give us enough time to explore rome then do some island hopping.
whats ur name, I’m Michelle :slight_smile:


Hi michelle :slight_smile:

ahh wow - how long you in europe for?
my name is becky - ah it is such a shame we aren’t on the same one! i’ve not found anyone going on the 26th yet! still lots of time though. What date do you leave?

are you spending anytime in the UK before you go?


Merry chrissy :slight_smile: we will be in europe for 6 months! Really looking forward to it!! Will be landing somewhere around the 16th july. We fly into england and will be legging it for scotland, wales and ireland on our own. Ill be travelling will my fiance brett. Should catch up if ull be around!


yeah definately!! add me on facey b - becky boo king or becky belly boo @ googlemail . com

happy 2012!! xxxxxx


ahh, bummer. i’m going on the 09 Sept, i’m also looking for anyone doing the tour, I hope it’s good :slight_smile:


Hey so Ive jumped on board for this trip…also from Melbourne, looks like alot of fun :slight_smile: