Western Crossing 2012 (HTPTR)


Hi, is anyone else going on this tour next year? I’m going alone and will be staying at the clink hostel the night before.


Can anyone who has been on this tour please give me some feedback about it? for example, the campsites, food, coaches, topdeck crew ect. I’ve never done something like this, so i’m quite nervous! thanx :slight_smile:


hello when are you going? x


Hi, i’m going on the 1 of July, and you?


I’m doing it leaving on June 10th, also staying at Clink for a few nights before. Anyone else??


i’m on the one for the 26th August!!

i’d love to speak with anyone who is on the same one!! :slight_smile:

ollienz is this the first one you have been on? x


Yea it’s my first trip, counting down the days already!! I’m also doing Split-Dubrovnik on 30th June.

Its a shame neither of us are on the same trip… How old are you guys?


yeah, it is a shame. I feel like i’m the only one going on my trip… I’m going to be 21 when i go on my trip, and u?


Haha yea same. I wish more travelers used the forum… I’m going to be 21 too. What are you doing after the trip?


i’ll be 27…and i’m flying to Melbourne from Rome to travel Oz and then onto NZ…serious saving after Christmas!!
It is a shame none of us are on the same trip - are both your trips guaranteed departure now? mine isn’t as yet.


I’m coming home after my trip because i have to go to university. Mine is a guaranteed trip.It wasn’t when i booked it, but it is now. Have any of you been on another trip before or traveled with topdeck before?


Not sure if my trip is guaranteed, I keep forgetting to call Topdeck… I hope so!!

Nah never been on any kind of tour before or ever been further than Australia but worked for a similar company in NZ so got a good idea of what to expect. Should be amazing


Eeeek i’m soo excited!!!

if you keep checking the availability it will say if it is guaranteed departure!! xxx