Western crossing 14 august 2011



I just boked the western crossing on the 14th august…realy excited :slight_smile: as this i my first tour and first time to europe… ;D

Anyone else on this trip who wants to have a chat and get to know each other before we go… :slight_smile:

take care… see ya soon… cant wait


Hi my name is Inbar im on the tour too where are you from, are you travelling with freinds ?


hi…how are u?? im in the uk, where are u from?

Im traveling with my friend… are u alone or traveling with anyone??

Thought would here from more people on this trip as less than 2 weeks to go…

nice to hear from u…


Hi cant wait for the trip in two weeks - weird that nobody else has been on line, im travelling alone all my freinds are studying, have you studied the places we are going to? what are your names???



hi…my name is miraj…

Yeah thought more people would have been online…

No havent got a chance to research the places, but i will at one point…are u going to do any optional activities??

Are u in uni??