West Coast Trippin' Dec 1st - Dec 10th 2017!


Hey Everyone!

I have just booked this trip and I am so very excited. This is my first Overseas adventure and I will be travelling solo. Leaving from Sydney airport and spending a couple of days in LA before the start of the tour. It would be great to get to know some people going on the same trip before we head off!!


hey abby, me and my mate Hannah are travelling the US and are going on this tour! We’re in LA for ages before if you wanted to chat! can’t wait :slight_smile:


Ahh, how exciting!! I was starting to think it was just me on this trip haha. I am flying from Sydney on the 29th of November as my earlier flights were cancelled! I’m thinking of doing Disney land or universal before the tour starts but haven’t locked anything in just yet :slight_smile:


My names georgia Hetutu- message me on fb and we can chat!


Hey guys ive just booked this this trip for later this year … how was it ?? Any tips ? Recommendations??am going solo an leaving from Perth :grin: