West Coast Trippin 1/9/2017 - 10/9/2017


Hi all just wondering if anyone is going on this tour, as my friend and i are booked for this one :slight_smile:.

Feel free to let me know also if anyone has done it before as i want to hear other peoples experiences.


No one … at all??


Hi :slight_smile: I am also booked into this trip :slight_smile:


Hi There Emma :slight_smile:
Where are you from?
We are treking around after the tour and have 1 night pre-tour accom :slight_smile:


I am :slight_smile:


Yay we arent alone :stuck_out_tongue:


Heads up Rachie and Emma get the topdeck app and everyone else that has it is in a group chat on that with all the details for tour aswell :slight_smile:


Heyy I am really interested in this,I’m guessing you don’t get flights with these tours you have to get your own?


Hi Abby no flights arent included we were lucky enough to get a deal with flights being $500 return back in jan if you booked a tour. We went through flight centre they they were great might have to shop around.


Hi, I’m on this tour as well! :slight_smile: