West coast cruiser tour departing Los Angeles 29 may 2016 going for 25 days


Hi anyone on here doing this tour too? Would be awesome to start a facebook group. I’m traveling solo. First time on top deck so really looking forward to it.


Hi, Yes I’m booked for this trip, also travelling solo. A Facebook page is a great idea!


Woohoo I’ve been waiting for somebody to reply :). I got the 2nd to last seat on the coach haha. Close call. Did you want to make a group and add me as ur 1st mate and we can chat on the group page?


Haha I believe I got the absolute last place on the tour! Yep, let’s get it set up and hopefully soon some more people will join :blush:


Sorry, I’m not sure how to create a group. You may need to set the group up… Not entirely sure how to, particularly without having you as a Facebook friend first. Please feel welcome to add me, Rebecca Burnett (Perth, Australia) and the display pic is of 2 females (not sure how many people have the same name or how strict my privacy settings are)
Hope you have better luck than me!


Facebook group has started. I’m tony Mcclelland the host. It’s called west coast cruiser - top deck. Please feel free to join and chat on there :slight_smile:


Group page on Facebook is

Top Deck Tour
West Coast Cruiser
29th may leaving Los Angeles

Please feel free to join and chat to other people on the same tour.


Hey guys!!
Im so excited i found this post! Im travelling with my partner and its our first time on a top deck!
Can someone please add me to the facebook group :slight_smile: id love to have a chat with you all


Hi kate. That’s awesome. Go to the Facebook page and I’ll add you :). Looking forward to metting you guys.