West coast cruiser starting 21st August


Hi just wondering if anyone else is on this tour :smiley:


Hey there @sim187!! I am going to be on that tour. It will be my first trip overseas by myself so I am a little nervous but super excited. :smile:


awesome. where are you traveling from ??


I’m flying out from Sydney Australia. What about you ?


I’ll be meeting up with you guys on September 4th for the Canadian portion! Hope it’s okay that I commented on here :slight_smile:


Awesome. Flying out of perth. Ow thats cool. Are you doing just canada ??


I am yes!

I am from Canada, but this will be my first time visiting the west coast, and travelling on my own, so I am majorly freaking out, but super excited!


ow awesome. you will be fine


Eek, I hope so!!

I know once I get there, I will be okay, it’s just the transportation and doing it on my own!


Im lucky i am traveling with a friend but im still a bit iffy about catching flights etc haha


Yeah, at least you’ll have someone with you to keep you calm should something go wrong!

Knowing me, I will have a panic attack in the airport after my dad drops me off! LOL


I’m the same. Freaking out a little knowing that it’s just me haha. I am sure we will all be fine. :slight_smile:


I hope so! I’m looking forward to meeting everyone though!! :slight_smile:


Hey guys:) I also booked the west coast cruiser from 21st august. So excited! This will be my second trip overseas but still a little unnerving.
Whereabouts is everyone staying before/after the trip? I’ve stayed/booked hotels before but thinking of sticking with a hostel this time…any tips would be a huge help:)


hey me and my travel buddy are staying where we are leaving from in la and when we finish we are staying at the place we get dropped off at. just to make it easier on us.


Cool, I was going to do that but the rooms were so expensive for 1 person by themselves:/ I have decided to book a hostel in LA as it was a bit cheaper but I am giving myself a little bit of extra comfort in vancouver for a couple of days after the tour ends. Whats the name of the hotel near the drop off in Vancouver? The travel agent said we just get dropped off in the city so I wasn’t sure where exactly…:confused:

by the way if anyone wants to catch up for dinner the night before we leave or to just see the sights (depending on time constraints etc) I’ll be in LA on my own from 16th August. I’m most likely checking out disneyland, walk of fame, hollywood sign, santa monica, venice beach, and doing the VIP Universal Studios tour (a friend highly recommended it although very pricey…also cant wait to see the new Harry Potter world:)

Also, in vegas Im tossing up between seeing Cirque du soleil ‘O’, Penn and Teller, and Terry Fator. If anyone has had any recommendations for any of these please let me know…these decisions are killing me…so much to see, so little time :frowning:


Hey, I am Staying at the places we start and finish as well. I am flying in the day before and get in early in the morning. :slight_smile: After the tour I will be going back to LA to do all those things, so you will have to let me know whats best !