West coast cruiser September 2016


Hey everyone! looking for fellow travellers doing the West Coast Cruiser in September 2016!!
Maybe we can start a Facebook page as well!


Hey! I’m on the tour departing 4th Sep :slight_smile: I’ve never been away from home for longer than a week and have never gone away on my own so it would be good to know a few people. :smiley: I’m 24 from Britain! What about you?


Hey, I’m also doing the 4th Sep trip. I’m travelling on my own as well & also never been on a plane! Im 26 & from NZ. Any1 arriving early in LA? ill be doing a few things in LA the 2days before the tour starts.


Good to know there will be other soloists! Although I have been on a plane before it still scares me - I think taking the plane on my own will be the scariest bit :joy:
What things are you doing in L.A in the days before? I haven’t done enough research yet but I will just arrive the day before. I am wondering if there’s a chance of staying at the same hotel as other people on the tour the night before it starts. Somewhere close to the meeting place, and not too expensive! Have you sorted where you are staying (anyone) ?
I’m up for joining any facebook group also!


My travel agent booked the hotel for me so I think its the one top deck use but I can double check. Its Miyako Hotel but its not that cheap its around US$300 a night! http://miyakoinn.com/
I’ve got the 2nd & 3rd Sept in LA not sure exactly what I’m going to do but at least one day I want to get over to Sea World in San Diego, it would be a long day though its like a 3hr train trip, but other than that I haven’t done much research either…


Oh wow! I think I want to find one cheaper than that. :grin: I would love to do more in LA but there are only any good flights from the UK on the 3rd! They have The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!! Plus Downtown Disney, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, awesome art galleries and museums, and the famous beaches. I’m comforting myself that i will get my fill of american cities as time goes on. :slight_smile:
If you want to go to Sea world in San Diego, surely you’ll be able to go when we pass through San Diego on day 2!
Currently wondering whether to leave on the last day of the tour, or have an extra night in Vancouver for fear of missing out on activities on the last day. It’s so tough when you haven’t done anything like this before.

If anyone wants to start a facebook group, my name is Tamasin Langton! (I’m the only one :yum:)


Lol oh yea I didn’t realise we went to San Diego that solves that problem. I must say I am a bit of a harry potter fan so will have to go there!!
Iv got a day or 2 in Vancouver before I fly home 1 thing on my list there is orca whale watching!
I tried to make a FB group but to technical for me wouldn’t let me add any1 I wasn’t friends with etc so I gave up lol


Im going in july but noones joined the group! Hope you guys have an awesome time when you go!


Hey! My names Miranda from townsville Australia. I am travelling solo and doing the west coast cruiser also and wanting to get to know some people before I go. It’s my first trip solo and first big trip out of Aust. I am in LA four days before the trip and I spend an extra night in Vancouver the night after our tour then fly back to LA for a week.