West Coast Cruiser May 14th - June 7th!


Hey, me and my bf are travellin from the UK wondering who’s goin!!


Hey I’m also going on this tour :slight_smile: I’m traveling solo from Melbourne. When are you both arriving in LA for the tour? I’m pretty excited for the trip!!


Hey cool!! We’re gettin there two days before, what about you? Yeah we’re super excited!!



Hi! I’m also traveling solo from Melbourne on this same tour! If you download the Topdeck app there is a chat on there that I’ve started with our trip!


Hey, sorry I’ve been really bad with the whole replying thing. I get into LA on the 10th May spending two days in Santa Monica and two in Downtown LA at the Miyako. Is anyone thinking of checking out Universal Studios curiously? I have also got the app Caity and just started using it :slight_smile: