West coast cruiser July 10th 2016


Hey just wondering if anyone else has booked on this tour. Im 24 flying solo from melbourne.


Yea! Just finalised all my booking today. I’m travelling by myself from Sydney


Finally! Someone else is on the forum haha. Whats your name. Im samantha heatley. When are you flying in? Im hoping to get to hollywood boulevard on the 9th as i fly in at 6am. Staying at the miyako hotel. The one we leave from. How about you?


Haha my name is Samuel Ross (I go by Sam) I’ll be getting to LAX at 6:45 on the 9Th. I am also staying at the miyako. Not sure what I’m gonna do on the 9Th yet.


Are you on facebook?


I am. I live in Canberra so feel free to add me


I dont know which one is you. Uh my friends live in canberra :slight_smile: