West coast cruiser ex LA 26th June 2016


I am a solo traveller from Melbourne just wanting to know if anyone is doing this trip and also heading over to Canada for the Calgry stampede?



I am also doing this tour! Solo traveller from Perth!


That’s great. It’s always good to know someone on the same tour and from Australia.


I definitely agree with you there! What date are you due to arrive in LA?


I fly in on the Friday which is think is like the 24th or something. How about you?


Yeah I get in on the 24th as well early morning!


Mine is early morning I think some crazy time like 6.30am haha


You’re not flying in from Hong Kong by any chance?


Nah I’m definitely flying from Melbourne


Hi All - is there a FB page set-up for this tour? I’m going on to be on this tour too (stampede and all!) 31 Male Melbourian.


Hey Stefan
Nah I haven’t made a Facebook page and am unsure if there is actually onesie this tour. That’s wicked that your doing the stampede as well. Should be good fun.


One for this tour…not onesie :flushed:


Hi guys. I’m also on the west coast cruiser including Calgary!!:grinning: I get into la on the 22nd. Flying solo now!(long story!) anyone else getting in early?


Oh yeah and I’m from Perth!


Yeah I get in to LA on the 24th. Also travelling solo as you can see from above.


Are we getting excited yet?


Yea! Coz it means 9th of july is getting closer :stuck_out_tongue: