West Coast Cruiser August 2016


Hey guys!

I’m travelling solo from Adelaide for this trip. It will be my first solo trip ever so I’m a little scared to say the least! Anyone else going on this tour?? :blush:


Hi Emily,

I’m doing the Canada Rockies section of this tour starting 21st in Vancouver. I’m travelling solo as well, from Christchurch.


Hi Ryan

That’s awesome! I didn’t realise the two tours met up with each other! :slight_smile:

Are you doing any other tours or just doing the 11 days in Canada?


Hi Emily,

I’m not actually sure if they do, but why would you do 2 tours at the same time when you could combine the two? They seem to have the same dates and destinations in the brochure.
Just Canada this time, I plan on doing one to the UK or Europe next year. Europe is such a big place, I have no idea where to start.
How about you?


That’s true… I guess we will find out!! :slight_smile:
I’m just doing this tour for now, then I’d like to eventually get back and do the East Coast. I also want to go to the UK at some point! Too many places to go, not enough money! Haha



I found out today that the tour does link up. Are you heading back to Oz after the tour finishes?


Oh cool :slight_smile:️ I leave LA to come home on September 3 so I have a few days free after the tour which I might spend in Vancouver. How about you?


I fly out of Vancouver on the 3rd, but get back to NZ on the 5th, after only 14 hours in the sky.

“Time Travel!”


Hey Emily!
Are you doing the 25 day tour? When do you leave? I’m coming solo from Brisbane and my tour starts on the 7th August! I’m flying to LA on the 27th July and was hoping to do a bit before the tour starts, will you be around then?


Hey Gabi

Yep, that’s the tour I’m doing :blush: I only get to LA the morning of August 6. I’m hoping I’m not too tired that day because I want to explore LA in the little time I have! Maybe we can meet up that day and you can show me the cool stuff as you would’ve already had a while there?! Haha :grin:



Hey Emily!
Yeah that sounds great, what is your facebook username so we can chat there?
What are your plans after the tour finishes?

Gabi :slight_smile:


Emily Harris - from Adelaide. Hopefully there’s not too many people with my name! Profile pic is me picking strawberries haha!

After the tour I have 3 days free, not sure what I’m doing yet! But my flight back is from LA on September 3


Hi, I am from Perth, W.A. I am on the trip that leaves on the 7th of August. I am 31 and my friend who is doing it is 35. I am scared also. This is my first time to the states.


Hey Im from QLD im on the same trip, Im pretty well travelled, but never done the US or Canada but am very excited to be going…
Ill be getting to LA a few days before the trip starts and staying in Vancouver for a couple of days after the tour ends and then heading to the east coast of Canada…


Hi I am from Melbourne and in the process to get on this tour! First time traveler on Topdeck and solo so I am also bit nervous!


I’m glad I’m not the only one scared! I’m sure once we all meet and the tour starts we’ll be fine! :grin:


Hey guys if you’re going on the west coast cruiser go over to Facebook and look for the group 'west coast cruiser 7th August 2016’
I just opened it, make it easier to meet and so we can share photos during and after the tour…
Can’t wait for holidays!!!