West Coast Cruiser 6 Aug 2017


Just wondering if anyone else is booked on this tour starting 6th August 2017.


Hey Man, I’m Booked on this tour! I know its a bit early but I’m thinking of booking a tour of Alcatraz tour for when we are in San Francisco. Just seeing if anyone else is keen. - Chris


Hi Chris. Good to finally here from someone else on this tour. I think I’ll wait to see what optional activities the tour has on offer. I was thinking of booking a Cirque du Soleil show in Vegas though if you’re interested.


Count me in Chris…Top Deck Baby!


Molemans coming top deck baby!


The"Big Deal" is counting down the days… Top Deck Baby!!!


Hey guys, my friend and I are on the Canadian Rockies tour that joins up with yours on August 20. See you in Canada!