West Coast Cruiser (28th May - 21st June)


Hi Guys,

Couldn’t find group for this tour so I thought I’d start one (If there is already a group set please let me know)

My name is Casey and I have just booked the West Coast Cruiser. I’m a first time solo traveler from Melbourne. I’m super excited. Just wanted to get in touch with anyone else doing the tour.


Hi Casey,

I’m going on this tour too, I’m also a solo first-time-traveler from Melbourne. I can’t wait, I’m counting down the days now, it’s going to be an awesome trip!

Have you booked any extras on the tour? I just organized the Alcatraz visit.


Hi Josh,

I know not long now at all. So excited. Where about in Melbourne are you from?

No I have not booked any extras yet. Oh cool it’s a great one to do. I went with my sister last time we were in the US.


Awesome, when did you last go to the states and where did you go?

I’m from Northcote, I’ve been renting here for about a year now, it’s a pretty rad place to live, very different from my old place in Belgrave Heights. Where abouts are you?


I went about 3 years ago. We started in San Francisco and went across to New Orleans were we did a Contiki tour which started in New Orleans which went down the coast to Florida and the up to New York.

Oh nice, I live in Montmorency been there for a couple of years. Love the area.


Have you been to the US or Canada before?


Oh wow, you’ve been to heaps of places in the states! What was New Orleans like? And where did you go in San Fran? Did you go on a fan-boat in Florida?

Nah, I haven’t been to either one, I’ve wanted to go to Canada for a while now, mostly to see Banff and the rest of BC. A friend of mine went a few years ago and really rated it.

Do you know any Canadians or Americans?


New Orleans is by far one of my favourite places to visit besides New York.
Fisherman’s warf, Alcatraz, Union Square and a few other touristy things but I’ve never done San Francisco while on a tour like Topdeck.
The fan boats a really fun noisy but fun I went on a tour both when I was in New Orleans and Florida.
Canada has been on my list for a while now as well. Very excited for that part of our tour.
Nah don’t know many Americans or Canadians just a few here and there. You?


Yeah, a few people have told me that San Fran’s a really cool and hip place, same with Portland in Oregon.
Awesome, yeah I’m pumped to get properly back into nature and hiking in new places.
I can’t really say I know any. I knew a Canadian girl briefly that said she was from Saskatoon in Saskatchewan, which I just assumed was made up haha.
Have you connected with anyone else that’s going on this trip?


Yeah I’ve heard that about Portland as well and really good want to go there.
Can’t wait to visit the national parks.
Hehe there are some funny names out there. Lol.
Yeah there are a few. If you download the Topdeck app you will be able to join the chat.