West Coast Cruiser 2018 25th June - 20th July (Coast To The Bay & Canadian Rockies)


Getting a thread started for anyone interested or booked into the West Coast Cruiser for the 25th of June to the 20th of July 2018. This is a combination of the 14-Day Coast to the Bay and the 12-Day Canadian Rockies Calgary trips.

Solo first-time traveller from Australia :v:

Canadian Rockies (Calgary) 5th July to 16th July 2018

Hello! I’m doing the Canadian Rockies Calgary tour ending on the same date as you - I think we may be travelling together for that part of your trip :slight_smile: I’m so excited and terrified! This will also be my first time travelling on my own.


G’day! :slight_smile: Good to hear you’ll be a part of the trip! I feel the exact same way! Can’t wait to see the Canadian Rockies, will be incredible part of the world to see!


Hey guys :slight_smile: I will also be on the Canadian Rockies (Calgary) tour ending on the same date and going solo! I’ve travelled solo before and it is an awesome experience plus you make so many friends along the way :slight_smile:


Hey guys! I’ll be joining this trip from Australia! Can’t wait!! Solo Traveller also on the West Coast Cruiser!


Hey guys, I can’t wait for this trip! This will be my first solo trip And I’m pretty scared about that! I’m traveling from Australia :slight_smile:


My first solo trip too, don’t worry!


Hi Everyone

This might be a long shot but worth asking the question.
Would anyone be interested in taking our booking at the Freehand hotel on the night of the 24/06/18? This the hotel in which our tour departs from on the 25th. We have had some miscommunication between ourselves and the travel agent and ended up with a double booking, in which is non refundable. The room type is a basic king private room. Might be able to work out some sort of discount if somebody is interested.


Hi everyone!
This will be my first Top Deck tour but not my first time traveling solo or to North America either!

I have a burning question, has anyone booked tickets to Alcatraz for 7 July yet? I’m thinking about doing a tour earlier in the day as apparently it gets quite foggy in San Fran at night time so you can see anything on the bay anyway. Thoughts?


Hey there!

I haven’t booked any extras at the moment, however it’s probably getting to that time where I should start looking into it! But Alcatraz sounds like it would be good, and if earlier in the day would be better then I will aim for that too! Hopefuuly we’ll see what others are thinking about doing too, and hopefully I can reply again soon about some definites :slight_smile:


I’m thinking about the 9:10am tour, booking through this - https://www.alcatrazcruises.com - website (best/cheapest I’ve found so far). Haven’t looked into booking anything else though :slight_smile:


Is anyone a Gwen Stefani fan? She’s playing in Las Vegas on 3 July when we’re there if anyone is interested in going with me? :sweat_smile:


Hey guys :slight_smile:
I’ll also be on the Canadian Rockies Calgary tour. It will be my first time to Canada and I’m very excited! Also a bit nervous as I’ll be travelling solo.
Will anyone else be arriving in Vancouver on the 3rd July?



Hey cassie1
I’m Rosie I’m doing the Rockies Calgary tour 5 July start and finish in Vancouver. Its also my first time in Canada and i fly in on the 4th and I’m staying at the hotel that the tour starts.


Hey Rosie
I’m staying in a hotel round the corner from YWCA. I arrive in Vancouver on the 3rd July.
What time do you fly in? Maybe we can catch up on the 4th July if you aren’t too tired? :slight_smile:


or second thought we could catch up in Sydney before we fly to Canada?


Oh haha oops, I must of misread your email, I thought you lived in Sydney!
Yep pre-tour drinks sounds great! I’ll drop you an email :slight_smile:


All good :slight_smile: