West Coast Cruiser 11th June 2017


Hi, just wondering if anyone else is booked on this trip?

I’m travelling with my (by then) husband as part of our honeymoon.

Can’t wait :blush:


Yes! I have just booked this trip, so excited!! :laughing:


Hi Guys are there any solo travellers from australia on the June trip?I will be travelling by myself and wondering if anyone will be arriving in LA a few days before the trip?Looking forward to it :slight_smile:


Hey guys!

I just booked! I think I may have even gotten the last seat! I am also travelling by myself @sanjanaprakash but will probably just be in LA for the night before the tour starts.

So excited that there are a few of us chatting on here already. Should we set up a Facebook group so we can chat and plan together? Looks like you can’t create a group without inviting at least one other person, so lets connect on Facebook so we can start a group!


Hi Heather
I think it’s a great idea. Lets set up a facebook group so we can stay in touch and get excited about the trip together. Feel free to add me if you make a group. I’m under Sanjana Prakash on facebook.
SANJANA :slight_smile:


Hi @sanjanaprakash

I just tried to add you on Facebook but your name comes up with a lot of results! What kind of profile picture do you have and I will try and find you? Otherwise you can look for me, I am Heather Hutchison will be the one from Newcastle.

I’m so excited to be able to chat about the trip!


Hey guys!

Sanjana and I created a Facebook group for our tour, you can find it https://www.facebook.com/groups/1905171179712024/

@jaimie117 and @Maddy_L89 you guys should join and we can all chat!


Awesome I’ve just joined the group. There is also a couple of people on the chat on the topdeck app. The app is great… you just enter your trip details and it has the itinerary, countdown, exchange rates etc.