West Coast Cruiser 10th July- 3 Aug


Hi my names Samantha, im 24 years old and i’ll be travelling from Melbourne, Australia solo. This will be my first overseas trip by myself. Looking at staying in Vancouver a couple of days after the trip to see suspension bridge and stanley park then i’ll fly back to LA to spend a couple of days there. Havent yet booked but looking at doing it this week. originally was just going to do the canadian rockies tour but my sister thinks i should see more while im there.

Anyone booked on this tour yet??


Hi samantha I’m doing the 29th may tour. It’s going to be awesome.


oh awesome you dont have long to wait now!


There’s still seats available on this tour :slight_smile:


i got my leave approved for July, how can i follow your trip on facebook?


We have a Facebook group page but not many on there. Won’t be on facebook till after the tour but can add you and chat on there?


i searched for it but couldnt find it


Wats your name I’ll add u


Samantha Heatley


Hey Samantha! I’m also considering this one. Haven’t booked yet either and it’d be a little while before I did but if you did decide on this one there’s a really good chance I’d be doing it too. Also a female, traveling solo - currently living in Hawaii. It’s good to know there are other solo travelers doing this to link up with to do fun things together in all the different cities :smile:


I am going on the 10th of july west coast cruiser :slight_smile: i booked the other week


Anyone else on here booked on this tour?