Weight Requirements


Hi everyone! This question is for the admin and any former travelers. I wanted to find out if the weight requirements on the bus included the weight of sleeping bags and pillows [I am doing the Mega European]? [br][br]Thanks!![br]-Allison


Hello Allison,[br][br]On a Eurocamping trip such as the Mega European, you are allowed 1 piece of standard luggage (backpacks only, not weighing more than 20kg)plus a day pack plus your sleeping bag.[br][br]Cheers,[br][br]Anita


Hi Anita,[br]When you say ‘backpacks only’ does that mean that a regular suitcase is not allowed?!?[br][br]Also another quick question for you. As I mentioned above I am doing the Mega European, the last stop before returning to London is Amsterdam. I was thinking about just staying in Amsterdam and not returning to London. So I guess what I am trying to ask is if the return back to London is optional? [br][br]Thanks![br]-Allison


[quote]When you say ‘backpacks only’ does that mean that a regular suitcase is not allowed?!?[/quote][br][br]I’d really like to know the answer to this as well. I figured coz of all the discussions of backpack vs suitcase that it was of course allowed, but now that response from admin has got me concerned ???[br][br]Nicole[br]Grand European July 2009[br]+ Britain & Ireland September 2009[br]+ Greek Islands


hey girls![br][br]just reading over your q’s. i did the camping thing last year and brought a backpack and it was way more convenient than a suitcase. a couple brought suitcases and to repack them they had to take them out of their tents (just the way their bags happened to open). my tentmate brought a duffle on wheels sorta bag that worked well too. [br]i loved my pack tho learning how to pack and repack the thing was a skill in itself![br]hope this helps!!! ;D[br]i cant wait to leave!!![br][br][br][br]tam~[br]Istanbul - London 2008 [br]Red Star Special 2009


oh and allison, [br]a guy on my tour stayed in amsterdam (he was the only one to leave)…it was a good idea. the trek back to london was long, horrible and the goodbye was sad and awkward. :([br][br][br]tam~[br]Istanbul - London 2008 [br]Red Star Special 2009


Hey Tam! Thanks so much for your feeback, you are awesome!!! =) [br][br]So I am still kinda confused, lol…does that mean I can take a suitcase if I want to? [br][br]Also, for the dude who got off in Amsterdam do you happen to know how he went about telling the Topdeck people he was getting off the tour [like did he have to fill something out saying Topdeck wasn’t liable for whatever happened to him that last day?] [br][br]Thanks!!! [br]-Allison


hmmmmm, i am not sure if he did. i am pretty sure he just decided to leave. i would email topdeck just to let them know your plans ahead of time as to not mess up your trip plans. our driver was wicked awesome and dropped off Raf (the guy) right in town so he could get where he needed to go. :slight_smile: plus, amsterdam is a great city and like all the young peeps speak english. my mom is from amsterdam and we go all the time. you will love it! just on a note of amsterdam, the topdeck bike ride through amsterdam was such a great time! ;D[br][br]as for the suitcase, im sure you could accidentally bring a suitcase. i know for fact that a few people had suitcases but they were in the minority and i think that it drove the driver a bid mad. [br][br]i know, that wasnt too helpful! :stuck_out_tongue: [br][br]i am so excited! i am living vicariously through everyone who leaves soon! :)[br][br][br][br]tam~[br]Istanbul - London 2008 [br]Red Star Special 2009