Weather june/july


I have had a look at the weather forecasts for Europe in June/July and they are the same temperature as us in brisbane (at the same time) meaning that there summer (well start of)is the same as the start of our winter. I get pretty cold in our winter so i am wondering what to take, my dad is from england and he said europes heat is different from aus and while the temperature doesnt state it is hot it can still be really warm. Therefore what should i pack…i really feel the cold. If any one has been on a tour around this time could you please give me some advise.[br][br]Plus is it still really cold in the swiss alps


hey Kristy_lee[br]i have the same issue as you i get really cold in our winter. i have a friend who went over last year and she said that having clothes that you can layer on is the best idea no need to pack a big jacket. big jackets get to heavy and annoying while you are traveling around. i guess lots of thin knits, long sleeve tops and take pants.[br][br]hope this helps![br]also where in australia do you live. what tour are you going on? [br][br]Emm


Thnaks for that, my family are in England at the moment and they said it is getting warmer, they are just wearing long sleeve tops and jeans so i imagine it will get quite a bit warmer before i go.[br][br]I live on the gold coast, border of nsw and qld and i am going on the European Getaway tour. How bout u?


Thats alright. [br][br]i live in beisbane not too far from you i guess. myself and 3 other friends are going on the summer fun and sailing tour. [br][br]are you just going over for the tour or are you there for longer?[br][br]from my group there are two girls staying and two coming home for uni.


I am going over after i hand in my last uni assignment (so going a little earlier than meant to)going to visit family, than go on tour, spend more time with family, edingburgh trip and spend more time with family and than home again. Will be over for about a month and half.


oh ok thats cool, sounds good well hope you have a good time.