Weather in September/ October


Hi! Just wondering if anyone knows what the weather will be like in Europe in September and October? We are leaving middle of Sep to Paris for a week, then the last week of Sep first week in Oct heading down to Barcelona, across the French Riviera, Italy and Croatia - I’ve heard that it can still be quite warm in these places at this time of year!?! How warm? Should I pack summer clother? Bathers? I’m from Australia so I’m not if it will be hot for me or if it is European hot[br][br]Thanks for your help!!


Hi ange,[br]I have been in Italy all week and it has been really hot and humid (even for and Australian like me). About 30-34 degrees. I hear it cools down a little over the next month or so but I would be bringing the majority summer clothing for Spain and French Riviera.[br][br]Hope this helps[br][br]Mike


Thanks for that Mike. That’s a great help!!