Weather in Europe in September?


Hey everyone,

I’m looking at booking the European Getaway tour in September.

Can anyone tell me how the weather will be in those countries around September?



I’m going to be doing Gaudi and Glitz in September and in the same boat about the weather. Think it is still pleasant for its near the end of their summer and my winter/spring.


Hi Guys
The weather in the south, around the Mediterranean, should still be hot and sunny, Not boiling hot as in July/August but still warm, maximum temperatures around the mid-high 20C’s.
In the north however the temperatures will start to fall, especially toward the end of the month as the amount of daylight hours decreases. Maximum temperatures will be around the high teens and colder at night, and it’ll probably feel similar to winter in southern Australia.
It can be variable though, I remember one year I was in shorts and a T-shirt in London in a heatwave at the start of October, yet the previous year was wearing a heavy winter jacket at the same time!
My advice would be to pack at least one warmer jacket or top if your going to be in Northern Europe at the end of September


I went in September / October to Europe and it was a little fresh at times but mostly pleasant. It was mainly at night we wore jeans and a jacket