Weather in europe april-may


Im doing tour in April-may, can anyone help me out with temperatures in london and Europe? ??? Just so I no what to pack … either cold or hot clothes??
Any help will be muchly appreciated


Hey Meg,
I’m taking a few thin jumpers and will layer rather than take a huge jacket


And would you pack lightly for the trip and buy stuff over there, or get everything from here???


I am from London and can help you to get your answer…

It’s reasonable. Quite a bit of rain, especially in April, but gets warmer towards the end of May, almost summer. Most of the time, people will be wearing a thin jacket or jumper, the weather is too unpredictable for t-shirts.


Yes layers is recommended and rain is usual


May can be a glorious month to visit London. Temps average in the high teens, parks are green and blooming, and late sunsets stretch daylight hours until about 9pm.