Weather in December in Europe


Hey all.
I am doing the Winter Getaway leaving London on 4th Dec.
Anyone know what the temperatures are like around Europe at that time? I have a sleeping bag that is good for -10degrees celcius but wanted to just check and get an idea of what it will be like.
Thanks heaps!!

Winter Getaway 4th Dec-21st Dec 2010


Hi Tracy,

I’m booked on the Winter Spirit leaving 19th December. Your 10C bag should be fine as the heating indoor tends to be pretty good. Remember to bring an inner sheet though, particularly if you have a bag that is silk lined.

The weather is going to be COLD. Think Queenstown in the middle of winter and then add in a few Wellington winds and that’s what it will be like in France, Germany, Austria and Netherlands. South of France and Italy tend to be warmer, kind of like a Sydney winter.



Thanks so much Stacey! Enjoy your winter Spirit Adventure!!



I did a winter getaway in jan 2010 and i didnt bring a sleeping bag and it was fine. There were hostels that we stayed in that didn’t allow sleeping bags, i think it was florence and berlin where they didnt allow, so the bags just stayed on the bus. But i do recommand a pillow case and a sheet. There was the hotel in paris and the hostel in amsterdam where im glad i had my own pillow case and sheet.
You are going to have an awesome time!!


thanks for the tips guys! im from brissie and have never been anywhere remotley cold. a bit random but did any asthmatics find that the cold over in europe really set them off???


To Ash…I’m also from brissie have asthma and it only played up once and that was in -17 in berlin! However mine isn’t severe at all…just make sure you take your medication and you should be fine