Weather & Clothing to bring



My friend and I are flying to Scottland at the start of June and then traveling to Ireland, then to London to start our tour on the 22nd of June.

I was just wondering what clothing people would recomend to take? I’ve noticed its quite cold in Scottland, Ireland & Dublin at the moment but the rest of our trip will be in the warmer country’s. Eg Spain, Greece etc So im having trouble deciding what clothing to take!

Thanks :slight_smile:


it will be days of about 15 to 25 and nights as low as -5 thats in london so warm cothes for night and summer clothes during the days


-5 in london in June? doubtful… I was there in May and the nights were around 10 degree’s at the lowest…

Mid year you will spend most of ya time in shorts and a t-shirt… always good to pack some warmer clothing just in case though…


this was according to a afmily memeber I know in london they were just sayong comming from Australia you will always find it colder